Multimodal rehabilitation promotes axonal sprouting and functional recovery in a murine model of spinal cord injury (SCI)

作者全名:"Wang, Yunhang; Luo, Haodong; Liu, Yuan; Yang, Ce; Yin, Ying; Tan, Botao"

作者地址:"[Wang, Yunhang; Luo, Haodong; Yin, Ying; Tan, Botao] Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 2, Dept Rehabil Med, Chongqing 400010, Peoples R China; [Liu, Yuan; Yang, Ce] Army Med Univ, Daping Hosp, Dept Special War Wound, State Key Lab Trauma Burns & Combined Injury, Chongqing 400042, Peoples R China"

通信作者:"Yin, Y; Tan, BT (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 2, Dept Rehabil Med, Chongqing 400010, Peoples R China."












关键词:Spinal cord injury; Rehabilitation; Axonal sprouting; mTOR signaling

摘要:"Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating neurological disorder affecting millions of people worldwide, resulting in severe and permanent disabilities that significantly impact the individual's life. Rehabilitation is a commonly accepted and effective clinical treatment modality for neurological disabilities. A single form of rehabilitation training is, however, limited. Indeed, recent studies have reported that a combination of various training stra-tegies may be more promising in promoting functional recovery. However, few studies have focused on combining different forms of rehabilitative training. Here, we investigated the effect of combining treadmill training and single pellet grasping in a well-established model of murine SCI to assess whether combining rehabilitation approaches improve outcomes. In brief, one week following crush SCI, mice were subjected to the treadmill and single pellet grasping training (SPG) for a period of six weeks. Biotinylated dextran amine (BDA) was used to anterogradely trace corticospinal tract axons to assess functionally relevant axonal sprouting. Our results revealed that the combined training upregulated p-S6 expression, facilitated axonal sprouting, increased the formation of functional synaptic connections, and promoted functional recovery of the upper limb. Our study provides experimental evidence for the benefit of combining multiple modalities of rehabilitative strategies."

基金机构:"National Natural Science Foundation of China [81702221, 82002377]; Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing [cstc2020jcyj-msxm0651, cstc2019jcyj-msxmX0195]; Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Health Commission [2020MSXM108]"

基金资助正文:"The authors sincerely appreciate the experimental platform support of the State Key Laboratory of Trauma, Burns and Combined Injury, Department of Research Institute of Surgery, Daping Hospital, Army Military Medical University. Both Botao Tan and Ying Yin have acquired the rewards of the Kuanren Talents Program of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. This work was supported in part by the: National Natural Science Foundation of China (81702221, 82002377) ; Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing (cstc2020jcyj-msxm0651, cstc2019jcyj-msxmX0195) , and Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Health Commission (2020MSXM108) ."