The diverse roles of miRNAs in HIV pathogenesis: Current understanding and future perspectives

作者全名:"Rashid, Farooq; Zaongo, Silvere D.; Song, Fangzhou; Chen, Yaokai"

作者地址:"[Rashid, Farooq; Zaongo, Silvere D.; Chen, Yaokai] Chongqing Publ Hlth Med Ctr, Dept Infect Dis, Chongqing, Peoples R China; [Song, Fangzhou] Chongqing Med Univ, Basic Med Coll, Chongqing, Peoples R China"

通信作者:"Chen, YK (通讯作者),Chongqing Publ Hlth Med Ctr, Dept Infect Dis, Chongqing, Peoples R China."












关键词:HIV-1; miRNA; mRNAs; HAART; therapeutic potential

摘要:"Despite noteworthy progress made in the management and treatment of HIV/AIDS-related disease, including the introduction of the now almost ubiquitous HAART, there remains much to understand with respect to HIV infection. Although some roles that miRNAs play in some diseases have become more obvious of late, the roles of miRNAs in the context of HIV pathogenesis have not, as yet, been elucidated, and require further investigations. miRNAs can either be beneficial or harmful to the host, depending upon the genes they target. Some miRNAs target the 3 ' UTR of viral mRNAs to accomplish restriction of viral infection. However, upon HIV-1 infection, there are several dysregulated host miRNAs which target their respective host factors to either facilitate or abrogate viral infection. In this review, we discuss the miRNAs which play roles in various aspects of viral pathogenesis. We describe in detail the various mechanisms thereby miRNAs either directly or indirectly regulate HIV-1 infection. Moreover, the predictive roles of miRNAs in various aspects of the HIV viral life cycle are also discussed. Contemporary antiretroviral therapeutic drugs have received much attention recently, due to their success in the treatment of HIV/AIDS; therefore, miRNA involvement in various aspects of antiretroviral therapeutics are also elaborated upon herein. The therapeutic potential of miRNAs are discussed, and we also propose herein that the therapeutic potential of one specific miRNA, miR-34a, warrants further exploration, as this miRNA is known to target three host proteins to promote HIV-1 pathogenesis. Finally, future perspectives and some controversy around the expression of miRNAs by HIV-1 are also discussed."

基金机构:Chongqing Talent Cultivation Program [cstc2021ycjh-bgzxm0275]; Chongqing Key Public Health Disciplines Improvement Project

基金资助正文:Funding This work was supported by the Chongqing Talent Cultivation Program (cstc2021ycjh-bgzxm0275) and the Chongqing Key Public Health Disciplines Improvement Project.