"The effects of lingual buttons, precision cuts, and patient-specific attachments during maxillary molar distalization with clear aligners: Comparison of finite element analysis"
作者:"Jia, LR; Wang, CJ; Li, LJ; He, Y; Wang, C; Song, JL; Wang, LZ; Fan, YB"
通讯作者:"Song, JL (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Orthodont, Stomatol Hosp, 426 North Songshi Rd, Chongqing 401147, Peoples R China.; Wang, C (通讯作者),Beihang Univ, Sch Biol Sci & Med Engn, 37 Xueyuan Rd, Beijing 100191, Peoples R China."
文献类型:Article  影响因子:3  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Protein degradation: expanding the toolbox to restrain cancer drug resistance
作者:"Ming, H; Li, BW; Jiang, JW; Qin, SY; Nice, EC; He, WF; Lang, TY; Huang, CH"
通讯作者:"Huang, CH (通讯作者),Sichuan Univ, West China Hosp, West China Sch Basic Med Sci & Forens Med, Chengdu 610041, Peoples R China.; Huang, CH (通讯作者),Sichuan Univ, West China Hosp, State Key Lab Biotherapy, Chengdu 610041, Peoples R China.; Huang, CH (通讯作者),Sichuan Univ, West China Hosp, Canc Ctr, Chengdu 610041, Peoples R China.; Huang, CH (通讯作者),Collaborat Innovat Ctr Biotherapy, Chengdu 610041, Peoples R China.; He, WF (通讯作者),Army Mil Med Univ, Southwest Hosp, Inst Burn Res, State Key Lab Trauma Burn & Combined Injury,Chongq, Chongqing 400038, Peoples R China.; Lang, TY (通讯作者),Chongqing Univ, Canc Hosp, Dept Gynecol Oncol, Chongqing 400030, Peoples R China.; Lang, TY (通讯作者),Chongqing Canc Inst, Chongqing 400030, Peoples R China.; Lang, TY (通讯作者),Chongqing Canc Hosp, Chongqing 400030, Peoples R China.; Lang, TY (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 1, Reprod Med Ctr, Chongqing 400042, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY  卷:16  页:30  出版年:2023
文献类型:Review  影响因子:28.5  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
"Analysis of the expression and distribution of protein O-linked mannose beta 1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 1 in the normal adult mouse brain"
作者:"Jiang, HX; Feng, YX; He, GQ; Liu, YJ; Li, XF"
通讯作者:"Li, XF (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Neurol, Affiliated Hosp 2, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Liu, YJ (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Chongqing Key Lab Neurobiol, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Liu, YJ (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Anat, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:FRONTIERS IN NEUROANATOMY  卷:16  页:12  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.9  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:NEUROSCIENCE & BEHAVIOR
Role of SHP2/PTPN11 in the occurrence and prognosis of cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis
作者:"Li, S; Wang, XT; Li, QH; Li, CL"
通讯作者:"Li, CL (通讯作者),Chongqing Hlth Ctr Women & Children, Dept Clin Lab, 120 Longshan Rd, Chongqing 401174, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:ONCOLOGY LETTERS  卷:25  页:8  出版年:2023
文献类型:Review  影响因子:2.9  JCR分区:Q3  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
作者:"Gu, J; Wang, D; Jiang, L; Huang, Y; Ding, LB; Chen, XY; He, YM; Zhou, ZF; Pu, DR"
通讯作者:"Pu, DR (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Ultrasound, Affiliated Hosp 1, Youyi Rd 1, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY  卷:49  页:7  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.9  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Proteomic analysis of radioiodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer identifies CHI3L1 upregulation in association with dysfunction of the sodium-iodine symporter
作者:"Li, YJ; Hu, FQ; Deng, J; Huang, X; Zhou, CY; Wu, MX; Duan, D"
通讯作者:"Duan, D (通讯作者),Chongqing Gen Hosp, Dept Nucl Med, 118 Xingguang Ave, Chongqing 401147, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:ONCOLOGY LETTERS  卷:25  页:9  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.9  JCR分区:Q3  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
"Longitudinal patient-reported outcomes 1 year after thoracoscopic segmentectomy versus lobectomy for early-stage lung cancer: a multicentre, prospective cohort study protocol"
作者:"Gao, X; Dai, W; Zhang, Q; Liu, WW; Liu, YJ; Yang, LJ; Wei, X; Shi, QL; Pompili, C; Pu, Y; Xie, SH; Xiang, R; Tian, B; Hu, B; Yang, XZ; Wang, X; Yang, XJ; Xie, TP; Tang, Y; Qiao, GB; Sun, N; Gao, S; Zhang, GJ; Chen, D; Cui, Y; Chen, XB; He, Y; Zhang, R; Li, Q; Zhuang, X"
通讯作者:"Zhuang, X (通讯作者),Univ Elect Sci & Technol China, Sichuan Canc Hosp & Inst, Sichuan Canc Ctr, Dept Thorac Surg, Chengdu, Sichuan, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:BMJ OPEN  卷:13  页:6  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Laparoscopic versus open Hartmann reversal: a propensity score matching analysis
作者:"Tan, L; Liu, XY; Zhang, B; Wang, LL; Wei, ZQ; Peng, D"
通讯作者:"Peng, D (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Gastrointestinal Surg, Affiliated Hosp 1, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China."
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.8  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
N-Acetyl-L-cysteine facilitates tendon repair and promotes the tenogenic differentiation of tendon stem/progenitor cells by enhancing the integrin alpha 5/beta 1/PI3K/AKT signaling
作者:"Lu, K; Zhou, M; Wang, LY; Wang, Y; Tang, H; He, G; Wang, H; Tang, CY; He, J; Wang, W; Tang, KL; Wang, YJ; Deng, ZL"
通讯作者:"Deng, ZL (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 2, Spine Surg Ctr, Dept Orthoped, 74 Linjiang Rd, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Tang, KL; Wang, YJ (通讯作者),Army Med Univ, Mil Med Univ 3, Southwest Hosp, Sports Med Ctr,State Key Lab Trauma Burn & Combin, 29 Yanzheng St, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:BMC MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY  卷:24  页:13  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.8  JCR分区:Q4  ESI学科分类:MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS
Hypermethylation in the promoter region inhibits AJAP1 expression and activates the JAK/STAT pathway to promote prostate cancer cell migration and stem cell sphere formation
作者:"Chen, L; Wang, YL; Zhang, BL"
通讯作者:"Zhang, BL (通讯作者),Peoples Hosp Tongliang Dist, Dept Urol Surg, 528 Zhongxing East Rd Dongcheng St, Chongqing 402560, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:PATHOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE  卷:241  页:8  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2.8  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
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