Teaching NeuroImage: Bloomy Rind Sign of Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis
作者:"Liu, X; Tan, CH; Zhu, YX; Li, SC; Lai, HY; Deng, F; Chen, LF"
通讯作者:"Chen, LF (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 2, Dept Neurol, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:NEUROLOGY  卷:101  页:2  出版年:2023
文献类型:Editorial Material  影响因子:9.9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:NEUROSCIENCE & BEHAVIOR
"Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids intake, air pollution, and the risk of lung cancer: A prospective study in UK biobank"
作者:"Chen, T; Song, LL; Zhong, XN; Zhu, Q; Huo, J; Chen, JH; Tan, SS; Lian, XM"
通讯作者:"Lian, XM (通讯作者),1 Yixueyuan Rd, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  卷:882  页:10  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:9.8  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:ENVIRONMENT/ECOLOGY
FBXW10-S6K1 promotes ANXA2 polyubiquitination and KRAS activation to drive hepatocellular carcinoma development in males
作者:"Liu, ZY; Lin, XT; Zhang, YJ; Gu, YP; Yu, HQ; Fang, L; Li, CM; Wu, D; Zhang, LD; Xie, CM"
通讯作者:"Zhang, LD; Xie, CM (通讯作者),Third Mil Med Univ, Army Med Univ, Southwest Hosp, Inst Hepatobiliary Surg,Key Lab Hepatobiliary & Pa, Chongqing 400038, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CANCER LETTERS  卷:566  页:16  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:9.7  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
DNA-scaffolded multivalent vaccine against SARS-CoV-2
作者:"Chen, FF; Huang, YH; Huang, ZY; Jiang, TT; Yang, ZL; Zeng, J; Jin, AS; Zuo, H; Huang, CZ; Mao, CD"
通讯作者:"Huang, CZ; Mao, CD (通讯作者),Southwest Univ, Key Lab Luminescence Anal & Mol Sensing, Minist Educ, Coll Pharmaceut Sci, Chongqing 400715, Peoples R China.; Mao, CD (通讯作者),Purdue Univ, Dept Chem, W Lafayette, IN 47907 USA."
来源出版物:ACTA BIOMATERIALIA  卷:164  页:10  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:9.7  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MATERIALS SCIENCE
Cerebrospinal fluid GFAP is a predictive biomarker for conversion to dementia and Alzheimer's disease-associated biomarkers alterations among de novo Parkinson's disease patients: a prospective cohort study
作者:"Liu, TT; Zuo, HZ; Ma, D; Song, D; Zhao, YY; Cheng, OM"
通讯作者:"Cheng, OM (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Neurol, Affiliated Hosp 1, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:JOURNAL OF NEUROINFLAMMATION  卷:20  页:12  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:9.3  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:NEUROSCIENCE & BEHAVIOR
Early non-response as a predictor of later non-response to antipsychotics in schizophrenia: a randomized trial
作者:"Long, YJ; Wu, QQ; Yang, Y; Cai, JD; Xiao, JM; Liu, ZQ; Xu, YF; Chen, Y; Huang, ML; Zhang, RG; Xu, XJ; Hu, J; Liu, ZF; Liu, F; Zheng, YJ; Meng, HQ; Wang, ZM; Tang, YQ; Song, XQ; Chen, YC; Wang, XY; Liu, TB; Wu, XL; Fang, MS; Wan, CL; Zhao, JP; Wu, RR"
通讯作者:"Wu, RR (通讯作者),Cent South Univ, Xiangya Hosp 2, Natl Clin Res Ctr Mental Disorders, Dept Psychiat, 139 Renmin Middle RD, Changsha 410011, Hunan, Peoples R China.; Wu, RR (通讯作者),Cent South Univ, Natl Ctr Mental Disorders, Xiangya Hosp 2, 139 Renmin Middle RD, Changsha 410011, Hunan, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:BMC MEDICINE  卷:21  页:11  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:9.3  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Negative regulation of pro-apoptotic AMPK/JNK pathway by itaconate in mice with fulminant liver injury
作者:"Fan, KR; Chen, K; Zan, XY; Zhi, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, XY; Qiu, JH; Liu, G; Li, LJ; Tang, L; Hu, K; Wan, JY; Gong, XQ; Yang, YQ; Zhang, L"
通讯作者:"Yang, YQ; Zhang, L (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Basic Med Coll, Dept Pathophysiol, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CELL DEATH & DISEASE  卷:14  页:14  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS
"Single-cell sequencing resolves the landscape of immune cells and regulatory mechanisms in HIV-infected immune non-responders (vol 13, 849, 2022)"
作者:"Li, HY; Tang, YY; Wang, YJ; Li, Y; Yang, Y; Liao, K; Song, FZ; Deng, SX; Chen, YK"
通讯作者:"Chen, YK (通讯作者),Chongqing Publ Hlth Med Ctr, Dept Infect Dis, Chongqing 400036, Peoples R China.; Song, FZ; Deng, SX (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Basic Med Coll, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China.; Liao, K (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 1, Dept Radiotherapy, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CELL DEATH & DISEASE  卷:14  页:2  出版年:2023
文献类型:Correction  影响因子:9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS
Performance of deep learning-based autodetection of arterial stenosis on head and neck CT angiography: an independent external validation study
作者:"Yang, YW; Huan, XY; Guo, DJ; Wang, XL; Niu, SW; Li, KH"
通讯作者:"Li, KH (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 2, Dept Radiol, 74 Linjiang Rd, Chongqing 400010, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:RADIOLOGIA MEDICA    页:13  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article; Early Access    JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Elevated FBXW10 drives hepatocellular carcinoma tumorigenesis via AR-VRK2 phosphorylation-dependent GAPDH ubiquitination in male transgenic mice
作者:"Lin, XT; Zhang, J; Liu, ZY; Wu, D; Fang, L; Li, CM; Yu, HQ; Xie, CM"
通讯作者:"Xie, CM (通讯作者),Army Med Univ, Mil Med Univ 3, Southwest Hosp, Inst Hepatobiliary Surg,Key Lab Hepatobiliary & Pa, Chongqing 400038, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CELL REPORTS  卷:42  页:23  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:8.8  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS
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