Intravesical IR-780 instillation prevents radiation cystitis by protecting urothelial integrity
作者:"Li, JJ; Shen, CX; Qiu, HP; Wang, JW; Yue, XF; Dai, LY; Huang, YD; Li, T; Fang, Q; Zhi, Y; Shi, CM; Li, WB"
通讯作者:"Zhi, Y; Li, WB (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 3, Dept Urol, 1 Shuanghu Branch Rd,Huixing St, Chongqing 401120, Peoples R China.; Shi, CM (通讯作者),Third Mil Med Univ, Inst Rocket Force Med, State Key Lab Trauma Burns & Combined Injury, Chongqing 400038, Peoples R China."
文献类型:Article; Early Access    JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Risk Factors of Recurrent Appendiceal Abscess After Initial Nonsurgical Treatment Without Drainage of Children With Appendiceal Abscess: A Single Center Retrospective Review
作者:"Luo, PC; Wang, DL; Kang, Q"
通讯作者:"Kang, Q (通讯作者),ChongQing Med Univ, Childrens Hosp, Dept Gen Trauma Surg, Chongqing Key Lab Pediat,Key Lab Child Dev & Disor, Chongqing 400014, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:SURGICAL INFECTIONS    页:6  出版年:2022
文献类型:Review; Early Access    JCR分区:Q3  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Buffer Coefficient as a Predictor of the Prognosis of Massive Cerebral Infarction
作者:"Tan, Q; Shen, X; Yang, HL; Xu, XY; Guo, YJ; He, J; Liu, QJ; Du, XY; Wang, DJ; Zhao, LB"
通讯作者:"Zhao, LB (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Neurol, Yongchuan Hosp, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Zhao, LB (通讯作者),Chongqing Key Lab Cerebrovasc Dis Res, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:WORLD NEUROSURGERY  卷:168  页:8  出版年:2022
文献类型:Article  影响因子:2  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Stem Cell-Niche Engineering via Multifunctional Hydrogel Potentiates Stem Cell Therapies for Inflammatory Bone Loss
作者:"Li, G; Li, ZM; Li, LL; Liu, S; Wu, P; Zhou, M; Li, CW; Li, XD; Luo, GX; Zhang, JX"
通讯作者:"Zhang, JX (通讯作者),Third Mil Med Univ Army Med Univ, Coll Pharm, Dept Pharmaceut, Chongqing 400038, Peoples R China.; Li, XD (通讯作者),Zhejiang Univ, Stomatol Hosp, Sch Med,Key Lab Oral Biomed Res Zhejiang Prov, Sch Stomatol,Zhejiang Prov Clin Res Ctr Oral Dis, Hangzhou 310006, Peoples R China.; Luo, GX; Zhang, JX (通讯作者),Third Mil Med Univ Army Med Univ, Southwest Hosp, Inst Burn Res, State Key Lab Trauma Burn & Combined Injury, Chongqing 400038, Peoples R China."
文献类型:Article; Early Access    JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MATERIALS SCIENCE
pH and lipase-responsive nanocarrier-mediated dual drug delivery system to treat periodontitis in diabetic rats
作者:"Wang, L; Li, YZ; Ren, MX; Wang, X; Li, LJ; Liu, FY; Lan, YQ; Yang, S; Song, JL"
通讯作者:"Yang, S; Song, JL (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Coll Stomatol, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:BIOACTIVE MATERIALS  卷:18  页:13  出版年:2022
文献类型:Article  影响因子:18.9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:
Surface modification of titanium substrate via combining photothermal therapy and quorum-sensing-inhibition strategy for improving osseointegration and treating biofilm-associated bacterial infection
作者:"Hu, JW; Ding, Y; Tao, BL; Yuan, Z; Yang, YL; Xu, K; Li, X; Liu, P; Cai, KY"
通讯作者:"Liu, P; Cai, KY (通讯作者),Chongqing Univ, Coll Bioengn, Key Lab Biorheol Sci & Technol, Minist Educ, Chongqing 400044, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:BIOACTIVE MATERIALS  卷:18  页:14  出版年:2022
文献类型:Article  影响因子:18.9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:
Nanocarrier-Assisted Delivery of Metformin Boosts Remodeling of Diabetic Periodontal Tissue via Cellular Exocytosis-Mediated Regulation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Homeostasis
作者:"Zhong, WJ; Wang, XY; Yang, LX; Wang, Y; Xiao, QY; Yu, SM; Cannon, RD; Bai, Y; Zhang, CW; Chen, DJ; Ji, P; Gao, X; Song, JL"
通讯作者:"Ji, P; Gao, X; Song, JL (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Coll Stomatol, Chong Key Lab Oral Dis & Biomed Sci, Chongqing Municipal Key Lab Oral Biomed Engn Highe, Chongqing 401147, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:ACS NANO    页:18  出版年:2022
文献类型:Article; Early Access    JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MATERIALS SCIENCE
Elevated neutrophil extracellular traps by HBV-mediated S100A9-TLR4/RAGE-ROS cascade facilitate the growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma
作者:"Zhan, X; Wu, R; Kong, XH; You, Y; He, K; Sun, XY; Huang, Y; Chen, WX; Duan, L"
通讯作者:"Chen, WX; Duan, L (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Lab Med, Affiliated Hosp 2, Chongqing 400000, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CANCER COMMUNICATIONS    页:21  出版年:2022
文献类型:Article; Early Access    JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Weakened humoral immune responses of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in patients with solid tumors
作者:"Chen, ZW; Zhu, P; Liu, ZJ; Zhu, B; Yin, GB; Ming, J; Song, R; Pan, QB; Li, T; Jiang, XW; Wang, B; Liu, SB; Cai, HX; Wang, JJ; Han, YL; Lin, ZJ; Hong, Y; Chen, M; Peng, ML; Hu, LA; Cai, DC; Ren, H"
通讯作者:"Hu, LA; Cai, DC; Ren, H (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Inst Viral Hepatitis, Key Lab Mol Biol Infect Dis, Chinese Minist Educ,Affiliated Hosp 2, 74 Linjiang Rd, Chongqing 400010, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CANCER COMMUNICATIONS    页:5  出版年:2022
文献类型:Letter; Early Access    JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
Zearalenone disturbs the reproductive-immune axis in pigs: the role of gut microbial metabolites
作者:"Wang, SJ; Fu, W; Zhao, XY; Chang, XJ; Liu, HJ; Zhou, L; Li, J; Cheng, R; Wu, X; Li, X; Sun, CP"
通讯作者:"Wang, SJ; Li, X (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Inst Life Sci, Peoples Republ China, Chongqing 400032, Peoples R China.; Wang, SJ; Wu, X (通讯作者),Chinese Acad Sci, Tianjin Inst Ind Biotechnol, Peoples Republ China, Tianjin 300308, Peoples R China.; Sun, CP (通讯作者),Acad Natl Food, Strateg Reserv Adm, Peoples Republ China, Beijing 100037, Peoples R China.; Wu, X (通讯作者),Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Subtrop Agr, CAS Key Lab Agroecol Proc Subtrop Reg, Changsha 410125, Peoples R China.; Sun, CP (通讯作者),Strateg Reserv Adm, Stand & Qual Ctr Natl Food, Beijing 100037, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:MICROBIOME  卷:10  页:24  出版年:2022
文献类型:Article  影响因子:15.5  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:MICROBIOLOGY
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