Eligibility of C-BIOPRED severe asthma cohort for type-2 biologic therapies
作者:"Deng, ZA; Jin, ML; Ou, CX; Jiang, W; Zhao, JP; Liu, XX; Sun, SH; Tang, HP; He, B; Cai, SX; Chen, P; Wu, PH; Liu, YJ; Kang, J; Zhang, YH; Huang, M; Xu, JF; Huang, KW; Li, Q; Zhang, XY; Fu, XH; Wang, CZ; Shen, HH; Zhu, L; Shi, GC; Qiu, ZM; Wen, ZG; Wei, XY; Gu, W; Wei, CH; Wang, GF; Xie, LX; Lin, JT; Tang, YL; Han, ZH; Chung, KF; Zhang, QL; Zhong, NS; C-BIOPRED Consortium"
通讯作者:"Zhong, NS (通讯作者),Guangzhou Med Univ, Guangzhou Inst Resp Hlth, Natl Clin Res Ctr Resp Dis, Natl Ctr Resp Med,Affiliated Hosp 1,Pulm & Crit Ca, Guangzhou 510120, Guangdong, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL  卷:136  页:3  出版年:2023
文献类型:Letter  影响因子:6.1  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CLINICAL MEDICINE
XNA probe and CRISPR/Cas12a-powered flexible fluorescent and electrochemical dual-mode biosensor for sensitive detection of m6A site-specific RNA modification
作者:"Pu, QL; Ye, YY; Hu, J; Xie, C; Zhou, X; Yu, HY; Liao, FL; Jiang, S; Jiang, LS; Xie, GM; Chen, WX"
通讯作者:"Chen, WX (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Lab Med, Affiliated Hosp 2, Chongqing 400010, Peoples R China.; Xie, GM (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Coll Lab Med, Key Lab Clin Lab Diagnost, Chinese Minist Educ, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:TALANTA  卷:252  页:9  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:6.1  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CHEMISTRY
A convenient and economical strategy for multiple-target electrochemiluminescence detection using peroxydisulfate solution
作者:"Liu, ML; He, XJ; Li, Y; Zhao, ML; Zhuo, Y"
通讯作者:"He, XJ (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Affiliated Hosp 2, Dept Radiol, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Zhuo, Y (通讯作者),Southwest Univ, Coll Chem & Chem Engn, Key Lab Luminescence Anal & Mol Sensing, Minist Educ, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:TALANTA  卷:251  页:7  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:6.1  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:CHEMISTRY
Elabela: Negative Regulation of Ferroptosis in Trophoblasts via the Ferritinophagy Pathway Implicated in the Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia
作者:"Yang, H; Zhang, XM; Ding, YB; Xiong, H; Xiang, SJ; Wang, Y; Li, HH; Liu, Z; He, J; Tao, YL; Yang, HB; Qi, HB"
通讯作者:"Yang, HB (通讯作者),Chongqing Univ Three Gorges Hosp, Dept Obstet, Chongqing 404100, Peoples R China.; Qi, HB (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Joint Int Res Lab Reprod & Dev, Minist Educ China, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China.; Qi, HB (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Women & Childrens Hosp, Dept Obstet & Gynecol, Chongqing 401147, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:CELLS  卷:12  页:24  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:6  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY
"Longitudinal Association between Physical Activity, Blood Lipids, and Risk of Dyslipidemia among Chinese Adults: Findings from the China Health and Nutrition Surveys in 2009 and 2015"
作者:"Zou, QP; Su, C; Du, WW; Wang, HJ; Zhang, B; Luo, SQ; Tan, T; Song, XY; Zhong, XN; Zhang, HD; Chen, YK"
通讯作者:"Chen, YK (通讯作者),Chongqing Publ Hlth Med Ctr, Dept Infect Dis, Chongqing 400036, Peoples R China.; Zhang, HD (通讯作者),Chongqing Ctr Dis Control & Prevent, Chongqing 400042, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:NUTRIENTS  卷:15  页:20  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:5.9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES
Association between Selenium Intake and Optimal Sleep Duration: A National Longitudinal Study
作者:"Zhao, LX; Li, SP; Zhu, YZ; Wang, TK; Su, Y; Shi, ZM; Zhang, YC; Zhao, Y"
通讯作者:"Zhao, Y (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Sch Publ Hlth, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China.; Zhao, Y (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Res Ctr Med & Social Dev, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China.; Zhao, Y (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Res Ctr Publ Hlth Secur, Chongqing 400016, Peoples R China.; Zhao, Y (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Chongqing Key Lab Child Nutr & Hlth, Childrens Hosp, Chongqing 400014, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:NUTRIENTS  卷:15  页:10  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:5.9  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES
Saline suppression to distinguish the primary aldosteronism subtype: a diagnostic study
作者:"Hashimura, H; Hu, JB; Kobayashi, H; Gwini, SM; Shen, J; Chee, NYN; Doery, JCG; Chong, WS; Fuller, PJ; Abe, M; Li, QF; Yang, J"
通讯作者:"Yang, J (通讯作者),Hudson Inst, 27-31 Wright St, Clayton, Vic 3168, Australia."
来源出版物:EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY  卷:188  页:9  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:5.8  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY
KMCP: accurate metagenomic profiling of both prokaryotic and viral populations by pseudo-mapping
作者:"Shen, W; Xiang, HY; Huang, TQ; Tang, H; Peng, ML; Cai, DC; Hu, P; Ren, H"
通讯作者:"Shen, W; Hu, P; Ren, H (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Inst Viral Hepatitis, Affiliated Hosp 2, Dept Infect Dis,Minist Educ,Key Lab Mol Biol Infe, Chongqing 400010, Peoples R China."
来源出版物:BIOINFORMATICS  卷:39  页:11  出版年:2023
文献类型:Article  影响因子:5.8  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY
Genetically engineered cell membrane-coated nanoparticles for antibacterial and immunoregulatory dual-function treatment of ligature-induced periodontitis
作者:"Deng, YJ; Ren, MX; He, P; Liu, FY; Wang, X; Zhou, CJ; Li, YZ; Yang, S"
通讯作者:"Yang, S (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Coll Stomatol, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Yang, S (通讯作者),Chongqing Key Lab Oral Dis & Biomed Sci, Chongqing, Peoples R China.; Yang, S (通讯作者),Chongqing Municipal Key Lab Oral Biomed Engn Highe, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
文献类型:Article  影响因子:5.7  JCR分区:Q1  ESI学科分类:Multidisciplinary
Rapid diagnosis of non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary diseases by metagenomic next-generation sequencing in non-referral hospitals
作者:"Wang, J; Xu, H; Wang, X; Lan, J"
通讯作者:"Lan, J (通讯作者),Chongqing Med Univ, Dept Resp & Crit Care Med, Clin Hosp 2, Chongqing, Peoples R China."
文献类型:Article  影响因子:5.7  JCR分区:Q2  ESI学科分类:MICROBIOLOGY
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